Bread and Fish Mission

This mission was created by our own, Joe Houser.  Otherwise known as the "Coupon King".  In his eagerness to find a way to produce more food for the local families in need and the foodbanks he has come up with this wonderful mission.  He collects monetary donations and coupons.  Then, he uses them to buy double, triple, or even more food for the money.   Right now, he has taken on this task all by himself, but will eventually need help.  At the present time he collects, clips, and prints coupons, plans his shopping, shops, and delivers the food to it's destination.  That is a lot for one person!  As this mission grows, he will need a team of people to help him. 
He will be teaching a class in the near future to help people to save on their own grocery bills, and hopefully create helpers for this mission. 

Ways you can help with this mission...

1) Make monetary donations to support this mission.  If you are interested in making donations, please contact Joe Houser, jhouser73@verizon.net.

2) Clip or print coupons and donate them to this mission.  Below are some websites where you can print coupons.  At this time, we are accepting non-perishable food coupons.







3) If you are also good with coupons, Joe would love your help with the shopping.  If you would like to help this way but don't have the know how, stay tuned for Joe's "Coupon Class."  The date and time for this class is to be determined. 

For more information about this mission, please contact Joe Houser, jhouser73@verizon.net

The Children Weekly Penny Collection Mission

Each week at our Sunday service after the children's moments, the children take a special penny offering.  This offering goes toward...

Our primary recipient is World Vision- for-2 children/one in Senegal, the other in Sri Lanka

Our secondary recipient is the Gardners- our Mexican missionaries 

Any additional funds are divided equally among these 4 organizations:

Wycliffe  (Bible tanslators)
Jews for Jesus  (Jewish evangelism)
Open Doors  (world evangelism)
Voice of the Martyrs  (help persecuted Christians  )

In December 2010 the total offerings for this mission was $120.00.

Thank you to everyone for your generosity!

Squares for Africa Mission

Our free knitting class has decided to make a mission out of our education.  Our wonderful instructor, Irene Lee, has brought this fabulous organization to our attention.  This is an organization that accepts knitted squares to create blankets to give to the orphans of Africa.   This organization is called, "Knit A Square."
To learn more about this fabulous organization please visit http://www.knit-a-square.com/.  They use 8"x"8 knitted squares to make blanket and clothing for these children.

Many of these children are AIDS orphans or have been abandoned.  Many live in great poverty in shack settlements.  Some head up families of their siblings together with other children and some live alone, without shelter, in hills and dumps around the cities. 

This is an opportunity to do good with our hobbies.  It's all a part of doing God's work! 

For instructions please visit:  http://www.knit-a-square.com/knitting-instructions.html

If you would like more information about this mission, please contact Irene Lee. 

Communion Sunday Offering

Communion Sunday offering goes toward:

Miscellaneous Needs(for Members and/or Others)
Children's Home
Shoeboxes for Soldiers

Heifer Fund (Helps 3rd world countries with cost of cows)

Our church supports this fund with monetary donations.

Premature Baby Blanket Ministry

    This is a ministry of baby blankets for premature babies at Mount Nittany Medical Center in State College, PA.
     The idea came about because of a member of our church who had a co-worker with a great nephew who was born premature and really struggled to stay alive.  As a church we prayed for little Lucas for a long time and now he is thriving, in fact has had his first birthday.
     After hearing how these babies and the parents struggle, church member, Irene Lee, wanted to help.  She wanted them to them know that someone cares and someone much higher is watching over them.  God laid it on her heart to make baby blankets, pray over them, and send them to the hospital for premature babies.
     Our church pastor, Pastor Bob Dornan,  was gracious enough to contact the hospital to see if this was something they would permit us to do.  The hospital said yes so Pastor Bob, Jenn Lee,and Irene Lee took about 15 blankets to the hospital in January 2014 for the first time. 
    These blankets have all been hand-made by various people by knitting, crocheting, or quilting them.  We also include a hand-made prayer bead bracelet with each blanket.  The prayer beads are also made and prayed over by various members of our church.  Therefore, these babies will be wrapped in our prayers as they begin their life.
      We welcome any new baby afghans or blankets anyone would like to donate. This is an ongoing project and we are working on getting the next parcel ready to got to the hospital.