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The New Hope United Methodist Church congregation is known around the area as a church that prays.  It is important to us to take time each week to consider the prayer concerns and praises of our congregation, as well as those of the people in the surrounding communities.  Because we are concerned with the needs of others, we find ourselves to be a very welcoming congregation.  You will find us to be like a family of your own.  It is very important to us to create a warm, friendly environment that makes our visitors comfortable.        

Along with our involvement to consider the needs of the people, we also attempt to give as much as we can to help those in need.  Despite being a much smaller congregation than most surrounding churches, we often are able to provide bountiful gifts to local groups.  We support the local food banks and Faith Center.  We also like to contribute to multiple, other missions and specific families of need.

While our congregation is of a more experienced nature, we are seeing a tremendous growth of young couples and families.  More and more children are attending our church and are welcomed by their many “grandparents.”  Even though, we have a very close-knit, supportive church, we are not perfect.  We all have our downfalls and struggles, but we are forgiven.  We know that we all fall short of God’s glory, but He forgives us, and we are thankful.

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