Sunday Morning Worship (Nursery Available)

Adult Sunday School 9AM
Traditional Worship Service 10AM
Children's Sunday School 10:15AM

Holy Communion the First Sunday of Every Month

Description of service:

New Hope UMC has many of the element of traditional services of most protestant churches.  Including a bulletin, which tells people what is coming next, music from hymn books, prayers and scripture-based sermons that seem like lectures.  The hymns and readings are also on a screen for those who prefer to use it instead of the bulletin and hymn books.  To a lesser extent, there are also traditional elements to the sacraments of communion and baptism.  For many people who are not familiar with traditional services, this format can be uncomfortable because they don't want to appear ignorant. 

What makes New Hope unique is the welcoming atmosphere of a small-membership church.  Once the fear of judgment is removed, newcomers can relax and be more open to the musical praise of God and to the leading that God's word provides.  They are encouraged - but not pressured- to share their prayer concerns and blessings so that the whole church can help bear the burdens and share the joys that come to the individual or family.  Through the announcements, they can learn what the church is dong and how they can be a part, if they so desire. 


The music is read from hymnals or on the screen along with the playing of two wonderful piano/organ players from our church.  We also have a wonderful chime choir, choral choir, and men's choir, as well as talented individuals who sing for us from time to time.

The choral choir meets every Thursday from 7 p.m. to 8 p.m. and the chime choir meets every other Sunday after church to rehearse.  Everyone is welcome to participate in both our choirs and we are always happy to reach new members.